Friday, February 22, 2008

Sunabe Telephone Pole - Installment III

I'm editing what I've narrowed down to about 120 pictures from the 100th day celebration at Mia's school. I got there and there was music blaring and it was like a huge carnival! Bouncies, game booths, lots of parents, and even a visit from a Japanese kindergarten class - the cutest thing EVER. Pictures after I sift through the heap.

For now, a 3rd installment of what's sure to become a big series this weekend - the telephone pole. I was kind of joking when I posted it, but after 2 emails telling me they were looking forwad to the series - who am I to disappoint? This is kind of fun too. (Thanks for the compliment, Katherine! I hope I can give you a few ideas for your pictures..haha!)

Ok, Ernie - here are da boids.

Taken at ISO 400 this morning, 35mm, f3.2, SS 1/80

I used a couple of black & white actions. I have some Kubota actions and Totally Rad Actions (the Boutwells, married photographer couple, are brilliant!) and love them.

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